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Show's I've done

I'm only going to put the productions I've done.  Who cares about camps.

The Little Mermaid: Perch (that little seahorse guy, even though I wasn't a seahorse in the play) Didn't like this show very much, it was my first, so of course I didn't get a big part.

Beauty and the Beast: Lumerie, This show was pretty fun, I got the funniest character.

The Wiz: Evilene, I was SUPPOSE to get the Scarecrow, but I was bigger than everyone else, and I was "the only one who could play the part"

Into The Woods: Florinda, Yeah,
got really tired of the little kids class, so I went into the older
group,  I was 11 and of course kids in the older cast don't like
the little ones.

Cyberella: Whattamaya Slobb, SO MUCH FUN!!! This has got to be my favorite summer show.  SLOBB POWER!

Inge, This show was great, I got my own song for the first time in the older cast.

Kiss Me Kate: Hazel, HATED
IT. I just hated the show, the music made me want to throw up. 
And I was a gangster's girlfriend.  The only cool part about this
show was Grace started in this show.

Waking Sleeping Beauty: Poppy,  This
show was a lot of fun.  The show was pretty dinky,  but just
the whole experience was great.  I was the "fairy on crack."

Joseph: Simeon, Yeah, everyone got sick in this show.  Wasn't much fun.  There weren't that many people in it, that was the best part.

Grease: Rizzo, !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED THIS SHOW!!!!!  One of my favorite's, my first big part too.

The Velveteen Rabbit: Way-out Wally, I didn't like this show.  Didn't like the music, didn't like the schedule, didn't like my costume.

West Side Story:
Anita,  GREAT
SHOW!  Probably the most professional show I've done.  This
show is when Kirk German directed in the second half, and he just
helped us make it what it was.

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