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what shows have i done?????????

Greater Tuna- Rev. Spikes/Jody, well this wasnt a musical but it was techinically my first "show" with kidsacting. it was fun especially when the last show was on my birthday so everybody suprised me and sang to me at the end and we got cake.
Kiss Me Kate- Thelma (gross!) one of the parts that dede/noel added in, a pretty small part. This was my first KA musical. It was really, really scary and intimidating at first. If I hadn't know Laura, then i probably wouldn't have made any friends. All the older AMT kids hated me...but they always hate new people. plus i was pretty obnoxious.
Waking Sleeping Beauty- Mirabilis. This script and music was ok, but I really just liked this show becuz I got to know everybody better and wow, claire stazie amber andrea (and laura) do yall remember those crazy sleepovers we'd have? ahh sooo fun!! lol and boot camp sally was SOO FUN!! (we met jesus/satan 7-11) aww memories.
Joeseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat- Judah/ the baker. um...this show was weird becuz there were no lines,just dancing and singing. It wasnt that great, and everybody was dying during the performances.
Grease- Jan. well the beginning of this show was dramatic becuz Dede convinced me that i should do it becuz "i was going to be Sandy" and guess what -i wasnt. yeah so that made me like hate amanda for the first few weeks but it wasnt her fault so i pretty much hated dede for this entire show, but Jan ended up being a fun role. ew but playing mitchell's girlfriend was...something else (gross!)
The Velveteen Rabbit - Chanel. I liked my part but I didn't really like this show...at all.
West Side Story- Anita. My favorite show by far, and my favorite role ever. Anita was so much fun to develop and rehearse as, not to mention the costume was hot! if i do say so myself. West Side Story was one of the best KidsActing has done at least that ive seen because we pulled it off really well and it was actually dramatic and not just stupid. ahh i think we need 2 do this show a couple hundred more times
Cinderella - the Queen. A work in progress, but basically nobody has to act in this show...it's pretty easy.

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