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Ok, so I've done a lot of shows, and about half are the Lakeway shows (go me).

The Wiz- Evillene- Lakeway show, it was great, I was so scared and shy, but then finally it came time to sing, and I started busting out with this huge blues voice, and I remember everyone stopped talking, cause they didn't know that such a loud voice could come from such a quiet girl.

Les Miserables- Chorus (Featured solo though)- Yes kids, this was way back when they had chorus parts. And also when Lauren was so shy, she didn't talk to anyone. God, I hated it, I had no friends.

Emperor's New Shows- Laura- Haha, this was when I started getting friends. It was fun, but now I look at the videos and I realize that I was a horrible actress! But it was the first summer show, had a blast, was in love with Eric Kriese, good times. Got the Best Squeal award.

Beauty and the Beast- Belle- Lakeway show, one of my favorites. OHHH my god, the Beast was so hot. I still have a picture of us in my wallet, for memories. Really did have a lot of fun.

Cyberella- Auntie Virus- Byte me babaaaaaay! I had SO much fun being a nerd onstage. And I kicked so much butt at snorting, got that award. Still didn't get on the radio though.

Sound of Music- Maria- Not much to say. Got to work with Eric again, love that kid. Got to work with my cousin too.

Waking Sleeping Beauty- Faerie Queen/Iris- Hellz yeah I finally got on the radio! That was when I was dating Scott, and all of the crap drama that went with that. Got to be really good friends with Rachel Fuddman, did that damn carwash, learned how to do magic tricks, got the "Most likely to sing the highest note ever" award.

Grease- Sandy- What can I say? It was my favorite show to do. I really got to know a lot of people, and I ended up kissing a lot of them (ew ew Jared!!!! ewww!) I miss this show a lot. I really liked my songs too by the way. Wish we could have kept doing that one for a couple more days. Got the "Most likely to bug people about her birthday forever" award.


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