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This is the kidsActing community for people who have been invovled with kidsActing before or are currently enlisted in kidsActing. This includes the actors and actresses who have performed in shows with kidsActing and staff members as well.

This communitity was created by bastardkiss, aka Shae, who has been involved with kidsActing since 2001 and has been blessed to be able to perform in a total of nine shows and has worked as an aid for one-week camps and recently aided for the "little kids" production of Peter Pan.

A father (Victor Engel) of a kidsActing child has volunteered some of his time to take pictures of some of the previous shows kidsActing has done. Here are the links:
Cyberella (Original Musical; Summer, 2002)

Cabaret (Fall, 2002)

Kiss Me Kate (Spring, 2003)

Waking Sleeping Beauty (Original Musical; Summer, 2003)

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Fall, 2003)

Grease (Spring, 2004)

The Velveteen Rabbit (Original Musical; Summer, 2004)

West Side Story (Fall, 2004)


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